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 Burials in the Ma'ala cemetery at Aden

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Date transcribed2019-01-21
CommentThe cemetery is now almost completely destroyed. There are photos of it as it once was in the Bacsa archive at the British Library, file reference Mss Eur F370/807.

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Date of death  1914    
Inscription  In memory of Alison Edgar AITCHISON, the devoted wife of David STOBIE, Staff Sergeant, Indian Barrack Department, and second daughter of John AITCHISON, Edinburgh, born 6.10.81, died 6.10.14
Also to the memory of our youngest daughter (wee) Alison, born 15.9.14, died 10.10.14.
God holds the key of all unknown and I am glad. If other hands should hold the key or if He trusted it to me, I might be sad.    
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Remarks  plot 43    
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